Abdominal blocks, in particular TAP-blocks (transverse abdominis plane blocks) and rectus sheath blocks, are increasingly being used for the management of postoperative pain from abdominal surgery.

They are applicable to day surgery, have a low side effect profi le and offer an alternative to epidural anaesthesia for abdominal surgery. Ultrasound guidance has improved the accuracy of inserting abdominal blocks but cannula tip visibility has been a problem.

As the forerunner in new technology in the field of regional anaesthesia, PAJUNK® has developed the Sono range of cannula, designed specifically to optimize cannula tip visibility. The aim is safe, reliable analgesia.

PAJUNK® offers two systems for the performance of TAP- and rectus sheath blocks:

  • The SonoTAP cannula for single shot techniques
  • The EpiLong Soft Sono Set with a TuohySono cannula for continuous techniques