The SPROTTE® cannula is worldwide the first atraumatic spinal cannula. With the closed SPROTTE® cannula tip in shape of an ogive displaces the tissue of the dura mater without injuring. The multiple layered texture of the dura closes completely, after the cannula has been removed.

The SPROTTE® cannula reduces the post-spinal headaches clearly. Even stiffness of the neck, nausea and vomiting can be effectively avoided with the atraumatic cannula.

The SPROTTE® cannula is available in versions with and without introducer as well as in versatile sizes.

In terms of swiftness, security and cleanness the SPROTTE® cannula has crucial advantages:
  • The optimised lateral opening in the near of the cannula tip ensures the unhindered liquor reflux and it safeguards the explicit and fast indication of the subarachnoid space.
  • The plastic extension of the SPROTTE® cannula has a minimised internal space. Thereby, the liquor can be recognised faster.
  • The production of the SPROTTE® cannula includes an extensive cleaning process and a special drying process. The SPROTTE® cannula ensures optimal cleanliness and therefore high security for the patients.
  • The exceptional plane steel of the SPROTTE® cannula minimises the delamination of reactive metal particles and their spreading into the liquor. Original SPROTTE® cannulas have a lower inner roughness of the inner surface of the cannula.
  • The lateral opening of the SPROTTE® cannula is completely free of burrs and has atraumatic rounded edges. Any danger of injuring the dura is therefore prinipally excluded.
The optimal solution for every application:
A wide range of cannulas in different diameters and lengths accommodates the most exacting individual requirements. Special designs for paediatrics and SPROTTE® cannulas for overweight adults complete the range.
Polished stainless steel surface
The cannula is manufactured from first-class stainless steel which guarantees optimal stability. The surface and the inner lumen have been polished which reduces any surface roughness to a minimum. This ensures that the SPROTTE® cannula can be positioned optimally to ensure CSF - reflux is optimised by the greatly reduced internal surface roughness.

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