PAJUNK is a family owned global medical technology company that develops and manufactures innovative solutions for Regional Anesthesia, Laparoscopy, Biopsy and Dental.

As a medical innovator, Pajunk has introduced world renowned products, like the SPROTTE Spinal pencil-point needle, the echogenic SonoPlex single shot needle for nerve blocks, the Catheter over Needle continuous nerve block system called E-Cath/E-Cath Plus, or the InfiltraLong wound infiltration catheter.

The Pajunk brothers, Horst and Heinrich, founded Pajunk Medizintechnik in 1965 as a private "garage start-up" company because they were convinced that high quality medical devices developed together with users will result in improved medical outcomes and patient safety.

Today, Pajunk has grown into a medical technology company employing over 450 people worldwide. Research & Development, Quality and Manufacturing remain in Germany to support the quality and reliability brand “Made in Germany”.

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