The echogenic cannula for ultrasound guided central venous and arterial punctures

VascularSono is a brightly echogenic vascular puncture cannula that maximizes the advantages of ultrasound guidance, and hence it will reduce complications. Ultrasound guidance of central venous and arterial access has improved safety and become the standard, but at the steep puncture angle required, the ultrasound waves striking conventional needles are refl ected away from the ultrasound transducer making the needle shaft invisible.

The tips of conventional needles are also diffi cult to see and it is often necessary to infer the needle tip position from tissue movement. Due to these diffi culties, complications such as failure to insert the guide wire, arterial puncture, haematoma and pneumothorax continue to occur.

VascularSono incorporates “Cornerstone” refl ectors, which are on the distal 2 cm of the cannula. This technology, developed by PAJUNK ®, is already being used successfully in PAJUNK ® regional anaesthesia needles. The “Cornerstone” refl ectors guarantee the visibility of the cannula shaft, independent of the puncture angle. When a blood vessel is viewed in “short axis” and the VascularSono cannula is advanced in an “out of plane” orientation, the tip is easily guided to the middle of the vessel. In addition the VascularSono cannula can be easily viewed “in plane” which facilitates exact positioning of the tip within the vessel, optimizing insertion of the guide wire.

The black marking on the cannula hub simplifies checking the position of the cannula tip.
Perfect antifriction properties
Cannula version with bevelled tip

Excellent antifriction properties in all tissue layers.
Sophisticated Cornerstone texture
The distal end of the VascularSono cannula is equipped with two Cornerstone segments 10 mm each (circumferential array, 60° staggered).

Identifi cation of the cannula in every position is optimized.
Visibility – independent of the puncture angle
The alignment of the “Cornerstone” reflectors was designed to maximise the reflection when the cannula is inserted at a steep puncture angle.

The effect is that the cannula is perfectly visible at every puncture angle.

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