Puncturing of the pelvic crest can be performed with either the bevel (hollow curve) or trocar tip. The puncture cannula is advanced forward into the bone wall by an alternating clockwise / counterclockwise movement under constant pressure. The stylet is removed as soon as the wall has been penetrated and the resistance has diminished.

Sharp tip with Trocar tip
Cutting tip with beveled tip (hollow curve)
Tapered cannula tip; "wave" shape tip

The outer cannula has a very sharp “wave” shaped tip. With this tip, and a twisting motion, the cannula easily penetrates the inner structure of the bone. The tip of the cannula is designed cylindrically, tapering out towards the forward end. This makes the gathering of the sample and its extraction easier. At the same time, the conical shape ensures that the sample remains unchanged in its structure during tissue retrieval.

Single Biopsy Extraction

The ejection stylet is introduced and advanced into the distal opening of the outer cannula using an introductory aid. The sample can then be extracted.

Multiple Biopsy Extraction

The use of an inner cannula with biopsy chamber is recommended if more than one biopsy samples are required. This inner cannula takes up the sample during advancement, and it can be retracted for extraction without altering the placement of the outer cannula.

Solid stylet with integrapted biopsy chamber

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