The disposable TrocaSys of PAJUNK® convince with its innovative functions which make íts application extremely safe and convenient to operate. These are:

  • The solid stainless steel trocar tip for an ideal transmission of energy
  • The visual safety indication on the Shielded Trocar
  • The atraumatically dilatating trocar
  • The universal sealing of the 11mm trocar sleeve, through which all instruments of Ø 5,0 to 11mm without a reducing adapter can be included without any loss of gas
  • The bayonet- lock on the trocar/obtubator which ensures a firm connection
  • The design with plane and corrugated guide tube ensures a safe anchoring
  • The disposable Hasson- system with Ø 11mm trocar sleeve, blunt obturator and cone with suture stays

The housing and shielding device of the TrocaSys Shielded Trocar are manufactured of plastic material. The trocar itself is manufactured of solid stainless steel which guarantees optimal force transmission. The visual safety indication shows, whether the shielded trocar is activated or not.

PAJUNK® is offering a disposable system for mini- laparotomy, using the Hasson techinque. It consists of the elements TrocaSys trocar sleeve Ø 11mm, a cone with suture stay and a blunt obturator.

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