The Trocar systems of PAJUNK® are available in different versions:
  • as a reusable TrocaTec system
  • as well as a hybrid of disposable and reusable TrocaPort system with selectable one-way or reusable valve inserts

All laparoscpic interventions in the area of general surgery, gynecology and urology can be covered with this system. Furthermore, the devices can be used in the open laparoscopy (Hasson Technique). The ergonomic design of the valve housing guarantees a precise and fatigue- free work. A wide range of accessories completes the systems.

PAJUNK® Silicone valve
One of the basic elements of PAJUNK®'s Trocar System is the TrocaPort Silicon valve. Its patent- registered construction prevents, that the devices get stuck or damage the silicon valve during the insertion or extraction at the silicon valve. The silicon valve is very light. It can be set up as disposable or reusable and a easy cleaning valve insert.

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