The SPROTTE® cannula is worldwide the first atraumatic spinal cannula. With its closed, ogive-shaped cannula tip, it displaces the dura mater without injuring it. After the removal of the cannula, the multiple layered textured closes entirely.

SPROTTE® cannulas for the lumbal puncture are available with or without Introducer.

The atraumatic SPROTTE® cannula has crucial advantages
  • The post-spinal headache is considerably reduced. Even stiffness of the neck, nausea and vomiting can be efficiently prevented.
  • The reduction of headaches by a factor of 10 compared with conventional needles is attained by a 21 gauge needle. The low wall thickness ensures CSF flow, as it is otherwise the case only with 20 gauge needles.
  • The optimised lateral opening straight behing the cannula tip guarantees a free CSF flow, even if the opening is partially displaced with parts of the Cauda equina.
  • As well as the outer surface and as the inner surface of the original SPROTTE® cannula have a low roughness. This ensures an unhindered backflow of the liquor and ensures the fast and decisive identification of the subarachnoidal space.
  • The exeptionally blunt steel minimises the ablation reactive metal particles and its diversion into the liquor.
  • The lateral opening of the SPROTTE® cannula is completely free of burrs and has atraumatic, rounded down edges. The risk of injury for the dura is therefore basically excluded.
  • The production of the SPROTTE® cannula includes a complex cleaning process and a special drying process. For an ideal cleanliness and therefore a higher security for the patients.
  • The lumbal puncture is an ambulant treatment with the application of the SPROTTE® cannula.

The puncture with the SPROTTE® cannula works either through the previously used puncture point for the local anaesthesia/ blood lancet or it can also been punctured with an introducer cannula, which is also offered by PAJUNK®.

Alternative puncture technique
After administration of local anaesthesia using a fine cannula, the subcutaneous puncture is performed with a short, sharp introducer in the desired puncture direction.
Introduction of the atraumatic cannula through the introducer cannula

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