PAJUNK® has developed a new Sono range of cannula to optimize cannula tip visibility. The aim is safe, reliable analgesia. In the chapter “TAP blocks” as well as in the actual brochure you’ll be informed about the new “Cornerstone”-cannula, the technique and its application.

Visibility – regardless of the puncture angle
The orientation of the “Cornerstone” reflectors has been de-signed to maximize refl ection when the cannula is inserted at steep puncture angle.

This has the effect to make the cannula higly visible at all angles of insertion.
Ultrasound markers for guaranteed optimal reflection
The patented “Cornerstone” reflectors developed together with Dr Chris Mitchell are structured to reflect ultrasonic waves with maximal intensity.

This provides for optimal visibility of the cannula tip, and ensures it can be identified with absolute certainty.
Definite and clear identification
The distal end has been provided with two pattern embossed sections, each having a length of 10 mm.

They generate a clear, echoic pattern over the first 20 mm at the tip of the cannula and simplify the visualisation of the cannula tip. This echoic field is generated by the “Cornerstone” reflectors arranged around the cannula. Rotation of the cannula can therefore not impair the visibility.

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