SonoPlex and SonoBlock - The benchmark in Single Shot Peripheral Nerve Blocks

Needle tip and shaft identification are major prerequisites to avoid nerve or blood vessel damage when performing ultrasound guided Regional Anesthesia procedures. Many needles do not provide the necessary reflective qualities to allow for a good and safe decision basis on needle positioning, especially at steep angles.
The patented "Cornerstone Reflectors", that are the major feature of all Pajunk echogenic needles, solve the above problem and provide the best ultrasound visibility possible, irrespective of the insertion angle.

Available tip geometries:

Facet tip

This special facet tip reduces the risk of injury to a minimum, in comparison with conventional, sharp cannula and it ensures for an excellent quality of puncture.


The closed tip of this cannula assists the anaesthetist in the atraumatically precise localization of the nerve.

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