PlexoLong NanoLine acc. Meier

The patented Plexus catheter Set was developed in cooperation with Mrs. Meier especially for the continuous peripheral techniques for the regional anaesthesia for children.

The catheter is directly put through the cannula after the nerve stimulation with the PlexoLong technique. PAJUNK® offers for the pediatric anaesthesia two different puncture instruments with the cannula types SPROTTE® SPECIAL cannula and Tuohy cannula. They suit everywhere, where an angle of emersion is required during the introduction of the catheter.

UniPlex NanoLine cannulas are especially developed by PAJUNK® for the partial application in the peripheral conduction- anaesthesia. The novel NanoLine- coating prevents a finer puncture and a high- precision stimulation. UniPlex NanoLine cannulas are available with SPROTTE® tip and with facet grading and in different sizes, including special designs for the pediatric anaesthesia.

UniPlex NanoLine

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