MultiStim ECO

With MultiStim ECO, PAJUNK® brings to the market the first true Dual Guidance nerve stimulator. Economical, easy to use and equipped just with the most important functions, the MultiStim ECO is the best choice in dual guided nerve blocks.

Simple Operation

Settings are limited to the parameters proven in practice.

Simple fixation by adhesive electrode

The MultiStim ECO is equiped with a snap-on button connection on the lower back side of the device and is snapped directly on the adhesive electrode.

Current Strength Variation

Depending on procedure requirements, the current strength can be gradually set on a six-level amplitude scale from 0.2 to 2.0 mA.

Fixed Defined Settings

The frequency is predefined at 1 Hz and the stimulation pulsewidth at 0.1 ms. Due to safety reasons, the MultiStim ECO starts in pause mode. Stimulation is first activated or deactivated by a simple touch of the stimulation button.

Direct connection to the needle

The needle stimulation cable connects directly to MultiStim ECO. No need for costly replacement patient cables. Optionally, extension cables are available.

MultiStim ECO functions:

MultiStim SENSOR and MultiStim SWITCH are both more advanced devices with special functionality. The benefits of the devices are as follows:

MultiStim SENSOR
The MultiStim SENSOR supports patient friendly, percutaneous localization and identifi cation of nerves with the aid of a stimulation handle: the PEG-electrode (Percutaneous Electronic Guidance) - a fundamental distinctive feature in relation to conventional stimulation devices.
MultiStim SWITCH
The MultiStim SWITCH has revolutionized nerve stimulation through two outstanding innovations:

The MultiStim SWITCH has revolutionized nerve stimulation through two outstanding innovations: The new function indicating the patient resistance permits the instant detection of intra neural, intravascular and intrathecal cannula placement, which can be corrected immediately.

A switch-over function enables the anaesthe-tist to either select the catheter or the cannula for the stimulation by a simple keystroke.

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