The echogenic cannula for ultrasound guided central venous and arterial punctures

NanoLine is an absolute world novelty in the field of cannula coating. With this revolutionary thin-layer technology, the insulating layer can be reduced to a minimum without any detrimental loss in functionality.

Well-known anaesthetists rather confirm, that the puncture and the nerve stimulation can be provably conducted correspondingly finer and more subtle and precise with this polymer coating, which may recognized by its slightly golden sheen.

The material of the NanoLine coating has undergone years of testing, and its compatibility has been proven in the context of bio-compatibility and -sensitivity tests.

The advantages of NanoLine

  • The insulating layer is reduced to a minimum
  • The outer diameter has not been changed
  • The same, brilliant insulation features as the usual process
  • Reduced puncturing force thanks to the smooth surface
  • Perfect view with ultrasonic localization for a high precision stimulation

For an absolutely safe application, PAJUNK® recommends the use of the SPROTTE®-SPECIAL cannula. Because it has been provided with an especially rounded and polished lateral eye.

The shearing off of the catheter can be excluded.

Together with the atraumatic tip, the lateral eye ensures for an optimal egress and for the precisely guided placement of the catheter.
Tuohy cannula
The Tuohy cannula offers the anaesthetist the approved tip used in epidural anaesthesia.

As a coated PlexoLong NanoLine cannula, it is particularly suitable for psoas-compartment blocks.
Cannula with facet tip
The coated cannula with facet tip is used in those cases, where it can be positioned parallel to the nerve.

It should always be ensured, that the position of the catheter opening is directed towards the nerve.
Perfect insulation qualities – extremely precise stimulation
The exceedingly thin polymer layer warrants a 100-per-cent insulation. The active contact point for nerve stimulation at the tip of the cannula remains uncoated.

The stimulation is therefore performed exclusively via the electrically conductive puncturing-tip, and it generates a highly precise electric field.

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