The PAJUNK® MammaLoc Sono localisation puncture set allows for preoperative marking of local lesions of the mamma with sonographic support. It ensures a purposeful positioning of the localisation wire under ultrasound. The configuration and tip geometry has been designed so that the user can concentrate on the cannula tip during the positioning of the localisation wire.

Guaranteed cannula tip visibility
On two embossed sections of 10 mm length each „Cornerstone“ reflectors are attached to the distal end of the cannula. Their nature guarantees ideal reflection behaviour, independent of the puncture angle. That makes the cannula tips perfectly visible over a total length of 20 mm and permits clear identification.
Special tip geometry
The puncture cannula with ultrasound tip guarantees perfect gliding properties in all tissue layers.

Localisation wire shaped as a hook
The localisation wire with centring reinforcement has special sliding properties and guarantees secured positioning for superficial tissue groups.
The hook allows for particular firm anchoring oft he wire in the tissue.

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