PAJUNK® offers two different sets for the combined Spinal-Epidural Anasthesia (CSE), which include an EpiLong Soft catheter 20 G x 90 cm. This particular catheter accommodates the high requirements upon the quality of the catheters used in epidural anaesthesia. Because maximal flexibility is just as important in the course of introduction, positioning and for the duration of placement, as is the absolute resistivity against buckling and creasing. The tip of the epidural catheter has to be correspondingly soft because of the risk of injury, but it should also be robust at the same time.

Unobstructed flow of the anaesthetic
maximum of movability and resistivity against buckling and creasing due to the integrated metal spiral

particularly great inner lumen for undisturbed flow of the anaesthetic
Soft tip, special geometry
Optimal placement in the epidural space thanks to the special tip-design of the Tuohy cannula and the softness of the catheter
Tensile strength without memory effect
the annoying memory effect is eliminated through the integrated metal spiral

high tearing resistance and excellent tissue compatibility of the robust nylon material
Exact localization
exact localization due to the ascending depth graduation and the attachment of radiographic contrast strips

100-per-cent ultrasonic visibility of the integrated metal spiral

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