Epidural anaesthesia has served as a proven anaesthetic method for many years. PAJUNK ® supports this modern form of puncture technology close to the spinal cord with four different sets for continuous epidural anaesthesia. The main emphasis of development is focused on providing cannulas which, with a new generation Tuohy cannula with “Cornerstone” refl ectors, are PAJUNK ®‘s response to the increasing signifi cance of ultrasonic placement. On top of that, with the EpiLong Soft, PAJUNK ® is now presenting a new generation of catheters.

Unobstructed flow of the anaesthetic
Its integrated metal helical coil lends this catheter, with its especially large internal lumen, a maximum of movement while resisting buckling at the same time.

As a consequence, the EpiLong Sono catheter provides the most favourable conditions for safe connection to the injection pump together with an absolutely unobstructed flow of the anaesthetic. An important aspect during continuous applications.
Atraumatic tip prevent accidental puncture
The catheter has a closed, very soft tip.

That in turn reduces the risk accidentally injuring blood vessels and dura to an absolute minimum.
Tuohy tip
The TuohySono cannula from PAJUNK ® has a special stainless steel stylet integrated flush to the cannula. That lends it more stability, especially in the sector of special lengths. Cannula and stylet are jointly manufactured and ground. The goal is a 100 % perfect fit – that makes spreading fabric pieces in the epidural space of the puncture nearly impossible.
Uniform distribution of the anaesthetic
Six microscopically small openings are placed laterally on the first 18 mm of the catheter.

That guarantees uniform distribution of the anaesthetic and thus safe blocking.

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