DeltaSeeds - Seed Implantations

PAJUNK® Cannulas for Seed implantation are easy to handle and guarantee safety. The most characteristic features of the cannulas are the slight handle, the longitude graduation as well as the sandblasted tip.

The fixation cannula DeltaFix and the seeding cannula DeltaSeed ensure a very good view during application. The longitude graduation starts from the middle of the cannula extending to the rear end. The dual markings using numbers and lines allow the penetration depth and the positioning of the cannula and the needle to be determined fast and at one glance.

The 10mm long sandblasted tip of DeltaFix and DeltaSeed ensure more security. The rough structure of the tip is optimally to identify using ultrasonic.

Fixation cannula DeltaFix

The tip of the inner stylet of the fixation cannula is composed of three hooks. After the puncture of the prostate gland these hooks are extended to stabilise the organ in the desired position. The fixation adapter in the middle of the cannula locks the prostate gland in the position directly at the puncture matrix- a position which is suitable for the X-ray examination and intervention.

Seeding cannula DeltaSeed

Each seeding cannula has the capacity to hold up to 10 seeds containing radioactive isotopes. The cannula is filled with seeds prior to the intervention and is sealed and carefully positioned through the template. DeltaSeed has an extremely sharp tip. The special geometry of the grinding prevents, that the organ recedes back during the puncture. Slight handles allow an effortless placement in smallest areas, even with a high number of cannulas.

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