The PAJUNK® cannula system DeltaCut is developed especially for the extraction of single or multiple biopsies of soft tissue of the prostate gland, liver, kidney and a multiplicity of soft-tissue tumors. This system can be applied reliably, precisely and fast. Two actuators allow for ergonomic handling for right-handed and left-handed physicians completely independent from position of the puncture. The puncture depth can be set infinitely variable on a scale of 15mm to 22mm. This device is equipped with a visual and mechanical safety-system.


With PrimoCut, PAJUNK® has developed a disposable cannula system which was especially designed for the extraction of biopsies from soft tissue, such as the prostate gland, the kidney, the liver and numerous soft tissue tumors. Depending on the size of the desired biopsy sample, there are two different dissecting lengths to choose, from 6mm or 15mm. This biopsy system is integrated directly at the connecting hub of the cannula and is disposed of completely after usage.

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