ChibaSono – the revolutionary puncture cannula with “Cornerstone” reflectors

PAJUNK® in cooperation with Dr. Chris Mitchell has developed a new generation cannula which facilitates nerve localization using its innovative “Cornerstone” reflectors together with the latest in ultrasound technology. The construction and build of the cannula tip are designed in such manner, so that the user can focus his attention on the tip of the cannula during the complete puncture.

Clear identification
two pattern-embossed sections, both 10 mm long, at the distal end of the cannula

reflection of the ultrasound waves covers a total of 20 mm

circumferential array of “Cornerstone” reflectors arranged in 60°-angles

Special tip geometry gives excellent gliding qualities in all tissue layers
Ultrasound marker with 100 % reflection guarantee
The “Cornerstone” reflectors are structured so that all ultrasound waves are reflected without losses. This provides optimal visibility of the cannula tip and it can be identified with absolute certainty.

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