Block GuRU

Available now, the joint developed Block GuRU app ("Guidance for Regional Anesthesia using Ultrasound") brought to you by PAJUNK® and Birmingham University, United Kingdom.

The GuRU app offers various nerve blocks techniques of the upper limb, lower limb, trunk, and ankle. Each one can be viewed at five different levels:

A film based on a 3D model gives step-by-step commentary on each block. The visual combines real film, anatomical animations and ultrasound images.

In anatomical terms, the block is localised using a detailed drawing and description.

The progress of each block is described in detail, with real images from the operating theatre and ultrasound images.

One of the real benefits of this app are the handy tips on each type of block.

The "Technical equipment" section shows which PAJUNK® instruments are used to perform the block.

The new GuRU app supports at a glance:

Poster set for blocks:
You can download our poster sets from below. You will find information on indications, ultrasound images, detailed guidance on localisation and useful tips.

The posters can also be ordered as laminated hard copies by filling out the following request form.

You can download the poster set from the links below.
Upper Limb
Lower Limb

E-Cath - Watch video here

The first choice in Continuous Peripheral Nerve Blocks (CPNB)
Developed together with Dr. Ban Tsui, the E-Cath combines the best from clinical experience and engineering expertise, resulting in a system that addresses the biggest catheter problems in CPNBs: complexity, anesthetic leakage and catheter dislocation and migration.
The result is: easier, faster, safer and more reliable continuous nerve blocks and the reduction of workload during post-op pain management.

Would you like to use the GuRU app?

If so, you can download the application from one of the links below:

Block GuRu App
Welcome to Block GuRU. Our joint project with the University of Birmingham, UK, the Block GuRU App (Guidance for Regional Anesthesia using Ultrasound). This App combines 3D anatomical diagrams with live anatomy and ultrasonography. In other words, standard anatomical text books meets clinical anatomy. Designed to be used by all levels of regional anesthesia providers as a refresher or to aid learning a new technique. Download Block GuRU for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and Android Market. Regional anesthesia guides in the palm of your hand (nerve blocks, ultrasound, regional).